Surya Café


Announcement of Acceptance of Overnight Medical Treatment for Patients with Minor Infections of the New Coronavirus


In response to a request from Okinawa Prefecture, ANSA Okinawa Resort has decided to provide all of its facilities for the accommodation and treatment of people who are mildly ill or asymptomatic for the new coronavirus infection.


During this period, the hotel will not be open to the general public. The restaurant and all other facilities in the hotel will be temporarily closed, and all services and events previously announced will be suspended. The hotel will contact guests who have already made reservations in due course. We will inform you of the reopening date when it is decided.


As a Recovery Accommodation Facility, we are working with Okinawa Prefectural Government and medical professionals to ensure thorough hygiene management, and we will take the utmost care to avoid any inconvenience to our guests and our neighbors.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.


We sincerely hope that the situation will be under control as soon as possible and that everyone will be in good health. We all sincerely hope that the day will come when we can welcome you all again.


Start Date: August 9th, 2021 (Monday)

Contact: ANSA Okinawa Resort 098-963-0123

July, 2021

Ansa Okinawa Resort

General Manager Amy Hanashiro

Surya Café
Opening Hours
07:00 - 21:00

An all-day dining restaurant serving daily buffets by chefs specialising in Japanese cuisine. Taking inspiration from the beautiful sunrise of the Land of the Rising Sun, the restaurant was named ‘Surya’ which means ‘sun’ in Sanskrit. In the morning, diners can feast their eyes with the spectacular view of the sunrise of Okinawa while enjoying our delightful breakfast. At night, diners can ease into an authentic Japanese meal or other international cuisines. Various à la carte dishes are also available in addition to the daily buffets served at Surya Café.


Surya Café